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Sam is a writer for both Theatre and print. He has written one play, which is currently in further development. 

He has written a number of one man shows including SEANCE LIVE and DINNER WTH A MIND READER

Seance Live is a one man show which tells the story of the Victorian Seance room. It's first full performance was during 2020, and was performed with Social Distancing within Beamish Hall hotel. A second run occurred at Kensal Rise Crypt as part of the London Month of The Dead festival in 2022. 

Dinner With A Mind Reader is a one man parlor show of Sam's favorite magic material. It takes place to small audiences around a dinner table, usually in a private dining room.

Editorial Writing

Sam currently writes for Luxuriate magazine on the topics of Theatre, Food & Drink and Travel.

Click here to read some of Sam's editorial pieces. 

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